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What is DNA?

Fact: 2003 marked the 50th Anniversary of DNA

What is DNA profiling and banking?DNA Profiling and Banking

DNA is the genetics material found in each cell of the body. DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is what comprises our genetic makeup. It is passed from parents to child, and carries instructions for how the body develops and functions.

  • DNA profiling is a tool to identify an individual’s unique genetic makeup. A sample is collected from the individual (blood, hair or oral swab). The DNA is extracted and profiled using state of the art STR (Short Tandem Repeated) DNA technology.
  • DNA banking is preserving one’s DNA for a period of 25 years with option of renewal for a nominal fee. Banked DNA could then be used for genetic testing.

Great strides are being made in genetic technology. The first draft of human genetic code has been released, culminating a decade of work at the National Human Genome Research Institute. As a result scientists will be able to use the map to solve many medical mysteries.

Prevention and cures for diseases and genetic disorders will be developed based on an understanding of inherited disease susceptibility.

DNA stored from past generations will aid in determining a family’s susceptibility to genetic disorders and diseases. Predictive tests have been developed for about 200 illnesses thought to be caused by inherited genes. And this is just the beginning.

Why DNA profile and bank?

  • Provides your family with the peace of mind of knowing that your loved one’s DNA is available for future genetic testing.
  • Existing family members can take advantage of a deceased loved one’s banked DNA by using genetic testing to determine whether a disease is hereditary. Often times more than one family member is needed. Such testing may not be possible if the deceased’s DNA is not banked.
  • Individuals who bank their loved one’s DNA are stepping into the next millennium realizing what the future holds for genetic testing.
  • DNA profiling and banking is the last gift your loved one can give to you and your family.

Now is the time to profile and bank your DNA or the DNA of a loved one! Sample collection is performed prior to burial or cremation.  Disinterment is a costly option for those who did not take advantage of the initial option for DNA banking. Cremation offers no recourse for DNA banking and testing.

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