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Parentage, Forensic & Inheritance Issues

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The ultimate gift of life after death
DNA Profiling may help cure diseases in children
The Ultimate Gift of Life After Death

DNA Storage and Future Use
Your loved one’s DNA is securely stored at -80C for a period of 25 years. This may be extended for a nominal fee by contacting DNA Analysis, Inc.

Your family member’s DNA may be used for a multitude of purposes that may prove invaluable to your family, such as the following:

1. Provide peace of mind knowing that your family’s genetic/medical history is preserved.



2. Identify inherited congenital (genetic) disorders, included but not limited to:


coronary heart disease
stroke predisposition
alzheimer’s disease
breast cancer
emphysema & liver disease
numerous types of cancer
cystic fibrosis



3. Identify genetic predisposition:


Metabolic - Diabetes
Infections - STD’s
Malignant - Brain tumors, Breast, Colon, Lung, Prostate
Hemorrhagic - Thrombotic disorders
Mental - Bipolar and Obsessive Compulsive DIsorders



4. Gene Therapy: removal of bad gene; insert good gene



5. Determine parentage issues



6. Determine inheritance issues



7. Establish Geneology of a family



8. Forensic issues to help with:


Paternity issues
Insurance/estate planning
Missing persons - Children, adults
Animals - Through DNA we may discover what drug killed a cat or other animal
Disasters - plane crash, floods, terror attacks, etc.



9. Genetic Engineering - plants, food

It has been scientifically proven that at least 75% of all diseases can be traced to a family’s genetic makeup. Medical advancements are so rapid, that the DNA profile you save today may help prevent or even cure the diseases of your children, your grandchildren and their children.

DNA profiles or any of its additional test results are kept in strict confidence. The information is only available to the next of kin or other legally authorized individuals. The information is not available to the general public or insurance industry.

For more info call DNA Analysis, Inc. toll free at 1-87-STORE DNA or use our Request More Information formYou may also order directly from DNA Analysis. We accept checks, Visa and MasterCard.

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